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Allander Perez- Thomas who was born may 21, 1996 in Miami, fl goes by the name of young flock. He was raised in Boston, Massachusetts through his early childhood. There after he moved to the Dominican republic before spending his young adult years in Miami. Allander is the middle child of three. He has one older brother and one younger sister. He grew up in a Dominican household, where music was a part of his culture. Allander's grandfather was well known in bolero music. A group called La  Sonora Matancera along 
with Celia cruz. His grandfather's name was Alberto Beltran "El Negrito." this inspired young flock to pursue his passion for music. his first album was youngest in charge which everyone realized how much talent young flock possessed. 
in the making of his second album a tragic event took place where his older brother Fransisco crashed his four wheeler and lost his life.  Which grew young flock to a very dark and lonely time in his life where he almost gave up, but music saved his life. Music and the loss of his brother whom always encouraged him to never give up his dreams in music led to the one  and only young flock. He later went on to  work with famous artists such as  Ogboobie Black, Akon, Maffio, Billy Blue, Khaotic, and more. 

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